A Notice From the Treasury of Imperial Constainia


The units of the imperial monetary system are in base four, therefore there are four Alessandra XII in one Galen III and so on.  In the list below, the number beside the unit corresponds to the number of that particular unit necessary to equal one Roberts IV.  As one might have presumed by now, the coins of the realm are named after past Rulers of the Empire.  Future bulletins are planned to tell of their acheivements.

1  Roberts IV

4  Heinrich V

16  Ailse I

64  Eithne IX

256  Galen III

1024  Alessandra XII

A side bulletin for Sol:

imperial -> usd
roberts= 310.988
heinrich = 77.747
ailse = 19.437
eithne = 4.859
galen = 1.215
alessandra = 0.3037

One alessandra equals 0.4670 cad or 0.2762 euros, based on current exchange rates.