A Message From Her Imperial Majesty, Empress Sarah I of Constainia:

My People,

        When I received the Sceptre of Mith'rael from the High Prelate of the Magnus and became Empress of this great Starnation, swearing the Oaths of Land and  Lady to the  Peoples and with the Peoples, I became truly a Servant of the Land.  In upholding my Oath, I must know fully the Needs of the Land.  Therefore, to that end I grant that any who hath grievance or request, or  wishes to make a statement mayest present such to me, either in person as scheduled by the Secretary of State, or by missive directly to me.

Her Imperial Majesty,

    the Empress Sarah I of Constainia,

                    Queen of the Magnus,
                    Ruler of the BorderLands,
                    Grand Magistrate of the Original Quadrants,
                    Overlord of the Conquered Lands,
                    Khan Magnate over the Mysterious Arts,
                    Supreme Master of All Guilds,
                    Czarina of the 'Mmahtirale,
                    etcetera ad infinitum ad nauseum.

The Oaths of Land and Lady  

The Oath to the Land

I, Sarah Constance of the House of Julich, do acknowlege the right of the Land to Justice, Freedom of Faith and Protection.  I do solemnly avow that I shall protect these rights, safeguarding them to the future and observing them to the best of my abilities.  I do claim this Land to be my own, to Guide, Guard, Rule, and Heal. The Duty of a Ruler is to her Peoples, she is a servant whose every action considers  and aids the Wellbeing of the Land.  The Honor of a Ruler is the Honor of her Land.  I pledge myself to the  Land, regarding its Welfare at all times above my own, for the Welfare of the Land is the Welfare of the Ruler.  So shall it be written, so shall it be done.

The Oath to the Lady

We, the Peoples of the Constainian Empire, do acknowlege Sarah Constance of the House of Julich to be our rightful Ruler and Empress.  We do pledge her our Fealty, Obediance, and Respect,  protecting her Honor as our own, claiming the Right of the Land by the Writ of the Law.  We do acknowlege the Duty of the Land to Support, Guard, Serve, and Obey the Lady in all endeavors, to this Duty we pledge ourselves and  our Land to the Lady.  So shall it be written, so shall it be done.